SOL Wallet

Got spare Bitcoin? Sell it and top up your mobile and electricity! Fair and 100% online.

  • top up via EFT, BTC
  • buy and sell BTC - instantly or via limit orders
  • pay your mobile bills from the app
  • withdraw at any time

This is SOL card.

Get your card online in just 5 minutes, right from your smartphone. Enjoy ATM and retail withdrawals and free payments wherever you are, with no hidden fees.

  • receive your salary directly to the card
  • buy airtime, electricity and other prepaid products with no fees
  • fund the card by EFT and retail lanes
  • keep track of your expenses
  • free transaction notifications
  • we’re always on to help you from in-app chat

Get your SOL Card online

Easiest topup of your wallet account

You can top up your SOL Wallet via BTC or EFT. Your topup is automatically allocated to your SOL Wallet.

  1. Login to your SOL Wallet
  2. Choose desired topup method
  3. Follow the instructions and make payment to the given details
  4. Wait for your topup to arrive - 1 hour for BTC, 1 minute to 48 hours for EFT

Instant buy/sell BTC with no fees

  1. Go to the Exchange menu of the app
  2. Choose assets to buy/sell, enter the desired amount
  3. Confirm the operation with your PIN or a fingerprint/FaceID


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Trade cryptocurrencies with lowest order fee in SA - only 0.2%

You can place limit orders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies directly from the SOL Wallet - as low as 0.2%. Orders are executed instantly when they match each other. Partially executed orders remain alive until they are executed in full, or until expired. Don't buy overpriced crypto, set the orders at your own price!

  1. Go to the Buy & Sell menu of the app
  2. Choose to buy or sell BTC
  3. Set up your limit order by entering the price and amount
  4. Create the order confirming the value and fees

Instant topup of your mobile phone

You can top up any South African mobile phone - MTN, Telkom, Vodacom, CellC, VirginMobile. Buy airtime, data or SMS bundles directly from the app. Sell your spare Bitcoin and top up your mobile.

  1. Go to the Pay menu of the app and select Airtime or Data
  2. Enter or choose the phone number to top up
  3. Select your operator and product
  4. Select the package or enter the amount in ZAR for airtime purchase
  5. Confirm the operation with your PIN or a fingerprint/FaceID

The easiest way to send or receive money

Send any assets from your wallet by choosing a recipient from your phone book. Request to get paid by sending a QR code with your SOL Wallet address. Sending BTC or ZARS is free and instant.

  1. Go to Pay / By phone number menu of the app
  2. Type the phone number of your recipient or choose it from contacts. Note that your recipient must be registered in SOL Wallet to receive the transfer.
  3. Select the asset and enter the amount to transfer
  4. Confirm the operation with your PIN or a fingerprint/FaceID

Talk to us online, keep in touch with you SOL Wallet assistant directly from the app.

There's no need anymore to call or visit the branch in the working hours. You can resolve any of your questions online, via built-in chat support. You can get assistance at any time when you need it, and talk to us when it's convenient for you. Any documents can be also sent here.

Privacy and security with every transaction

Safest way to store money

When you log in to SOL Wallet, your identity is always verified with your PIN and biometrics. Every transaction must be also confirmed by a PIN or biometrics. Your PIN or biometric signatures are never stored or transmitted anywhere. So nobody can use your funds except yourself.

Keep your transactions private

When you make a purchase or send cryptocurrencies, SOL Wallet does not include any information to the transaction which can be tied back to you. Your name, phone number or wallet address are never shared with merchants.

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SOL Wallet launches in South Africa

The fintech startup SOL Wallet has announced its launch in South Africa in Q1 2019, rolling out its products for the public in March 2019.
The company develops a money management platform for retail customers.

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SOL Wallet testing mobile banking rollout for South Africa during Q1 2019

SOL Wallet, a fintech startup firm, has launched beta testing for a new mobile and web-based banking service in South Africa by March of 2019, according to a company release.

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